Big Time

Anna Cecilia & The Big Time began in 2015 when Cecilia Ferneborg brought together some of her favorite musical traveling companions to play hard-swinging and groove-based music for dancing. Together, the group has logged thousands of miles while bringing music to dancers across the United States. The Big Time brings updated small group swing and smokey blues arrangements to jazz standards, original tunes, and re-imagined covers. Members of The Big Time are some of the most sought after musicians in the dance scene and can be seen playing with bandleaders such as Michael Gamble, Josh Fialkoff and the Fried Bananas, Jonathan Stout, and Solomon Douglas. Their first album, “LIVE”, was recorded in front of a live audience in 2016 to capture the energy of being on the dance floor with the band.

Anna Cecilia & The Big Time has played for numerous dance events and Lindy and Blues exchanges, including CHEX (Charleston, SC), DCLX (Washington DC), Red Hot Blues & BBQ (Washington DC), and SwingAus (Lancaster, PA). As a side woman, Cecilia has played for dance exchanges in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Orlando, Huntsville, Boston and more. When she's not on the road with the Big Time, Cecilia also writes and performs pop, jazz, and folk music as Cecilia Ferneborg and is part of the collaborative folk trio Ladybird.

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